Sunday, January 11, 2009

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

My men got home from the winter freeze out last night. Steve and the younger boys were exhausted. Baxter seemed just fine and probably could have gone again. I worried about them the whole time they were gone because I knew that they were hiking into their site at night and it was suppose to be snowing and also having freezing rain. I was also worried because I know that even though Steve has always loved to hike that he is getting older, is out of shape and his knees and feet bother him. I kept telling them last night that it was a character building activity. My two younger boys learned that they could do something that was really hard for them. They hopefully also learned that when they don't feel like they can go any further and that they have done their best that their load will be lightened so that they can finish. (Steve and Dan B. took part of their load) But ya'll understand what I'm alluding to. Hopefully they also realized that even though their dad knew he would be in considerable pain when he got home that he was willing to go with them because he loves them. They all probably really went for the paintballing in the mountains. Sounds like they really enjoyed that. By the time they hiked down off the mountain they were completely covered with freezing rain. (Boy am I glad I wasn't there.) All things considered I think it was a good experience all around.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Over

It has been the best of times, and I can't bring myself to say the worst of times, but they haven't all been the best. We have had a nice relaxing break, but I must admit that I am somewhat pleased that we will be going back to school tomorrow.
PRO: I am ready to go back to school and have the children listen to me and behave without threats of hot sauce or death.
PRO: It will be nice to have my children go to bed on time and get up early again.
CON: I am however not looking forward to packing lunches every blessed morning. It wouldn't be so bad but not all of my children will eat sandwiches, mainly Ceci, so I have fallen into the trap of making her and Baxter and occasionally Noah wraps and Zane and Stevie sandwiches. I know I made my bed, but sometimes I still find it uncomfortable. Then I have to deal with remembering who likes what in regards to fruit and snacks. WHAT A PAIN!!! But I guess it is worth is when I FEEL like I am saving money.
PRO and CON: I will miss Stevie and her shiny self, but will enjoy being able to go to the bathroom without a visitor, and enjoy some alone time without 20 questions popping up all day long.
PRO: I will be able to use my computer at school without having to fight a child to get off of it.
CON: Homework will start up again. Me sending it home and my children receiving it.
PRO: I will hear the children start to practice the piano again. I really do enjoy this, I am not just saying it.
It is a good thing that we experience change in life so that we can appreciate all that we have. I love and am very grateful for my home life and I am also very grateful and love what I do at school too. It may seem like a double edged sword at times but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Slight flashback

A couple of days ago my kids started talking about movies that they really liked when they were younger. They mentioned Free Willy 1-3, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, Independance Day, Saturday's Warriors etc... Stevie and Noah had very little if any recollection of these movies so the kids crawled under the stairs and pulled out the four or five boxes of VHS movies that have be stored under there forever. They also pulled out the VHS machine and hooked it all up. Our family room looked like a tornado had hit it. It reminding me of when Baxter used to pull out all of our videos and build with them and makes roads etc.. (I think he was around 2) Anyway, Stevie and Noah got to experience all of the movies that the older kids had been mentioning. All the kids enjoyed listening to the tapes rewind, kind of a lost sound. Now Stevie is as hooked on Free Willy as the other kids were years ago. I don't know if Steven and I can go through another Free Willy phase as the first one almost killed us but we will endure. Hopefully the videos will find their way back under the stairs before long and life will get back to normal.