Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Class

Here is a picture of my class. I thought you might enjoy seeing that Stevie is actually in my class. This was taken after we had made a gingerbread boy. Later on that day he up and ran away. We searched all over the building for days, meeting all the teachers and staff on the way, and then finally found him in the computer lab. They were so happy to finally get to eat him. He sure tasted good. (He had actually been sleeping in the refridgerator during the week)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Bainter Children Silliness on my Computer

My computer has a built in camera. It is always fun to get on to it and see what pictures the kids have been taking of themselves. These are some of them. What can I say, they, my kids are a little nuts!!!






Noah's Baptism

Noah was so excited for this day. He was excited to to get baptised, he was also excited because he now gets to go to cub scouts. Mom on the other hand worked hard making many, many goodies for the refreshments. We were so grateful that so many people came and supported Noah and us. We had to set up more and more chairs, we were amazed. Mom said that I shouldn't have be amazed because lots of people came to Zane's too, I guess I had just forgotten. It is so cool that the ward family is so supporting. Uncle Lincoln gave the baptism talk, Grandpa sang a song, Baxter gave the Holy Ghost talk, and all mom had to worry about was the refreshments. I was so glad. I am always so emotional on these days. Grandma was the chorister and Tina the pianist and McKay and Ceci said the prayers. Quite the family affair!!

Noah's Eighth Birthday


Finally, you get to see how the kids dressed for Halloween.

Noah as the mad scientist's hunchback assistant.

Stevie as a good witch. Ceci used this same costume when she was this age.

Ceci and her friend Lindsey dressed as a gothic and a joker.

Zane as a mad scientist!

Utah Finally!!

Stevie and her two cousins, Tiffany and Christopher. Stevie and Tiffany hit it right off and were quite upset when we had to leave Heber.

Steve and Suzi

Stevie, Tiffany, and Chistopher

Visiting Aunt Marian and LuAnn's Families

Steve's Aunt Marian, she says that she and Karen are part of the "walker" set now. They have fun trying to manuver about their house with both of them using them.

Steve's cousin Karen, she had moved her work station out into the living room and spends more time with Aunt Marian now.

Steve's cousin LuAnn

Steve and Aunt Marian


We were so excited to finally see the mountains again!!! We spent the day up at Snowbird actually right up in the mountains enjoying our time there. When we flew into Utah on our way to Oregon, the kids were looking out the windows commenting on the mountains, Stevie had no idea what they were talking about. I pointed them out, she then got really excited and pointed them out everywhere for the rest of our trip.

Baxter on a bungy trampoline.

Tyler on the bungy tramp.

Stevie and Steve going up to the Alpine Slide.

Aunt Kathy and Ceci on their way up too.

Alpine Slide

The kids really enjoyed the Alpine Slide. They did it over and over again. They would race down. I must admit that I was the winner more than once. The exhileration of the speed was awesome!!!

Tram up the mountain

It was so cool to be up in the mountains. Ceci couldn't stand being on the tram, she couldn't look out. We got to the top and looked around, then hiked down to the high speed quad thing and rode down it to the bottom. It felt so awesome, we were all really glad that we had gone.


We had a lot of fun at Lagoon with Kathy's family and Suzi's family and Halley and Ryan. I thought I took more pictures, maybe they are on the video camera. I'll have to look. Stevie and TIffany were very happy to see each other again! Uncle Greg won a penguin for Stevie that she still loves. The kids rode some coasters and had their wits scared out of them. Steve was glad to have some people along that he could actually ride some ride with. Our kids are wimps when it comes to rides!!!

Visiting Grandma Blake

We went and visited Grandma Apricot (Blake) and took her out to dinner. My older kids called her that when we were always getting apricots. Grandma also let us know that we had just missed the apricots, we were of course dissappointed but that wasn't our reason for coming. The apricots our here are the pits. We also just sat and talked at her house. It was really nice to visit. We really enjoyed seeing her again. We also hadn't seen Grandpa's grave site or stone so we finally found it!! We even called mom here in Maryland, but her directions to it were flawed and we finally found it by just fanning out and searching. Seven is better in that sort of situation. It is a beautiful marker, we took a picture because mom told us she hadn't seen it yet either.

Visiting Grandma Bainter's Grave Site

We went to Grandma Anita's grave site and cleaned away the grass and cleaned and polished the marker. We sat around and remembered Grandma. Only the two older children have any memories so this was a good experience for the younger ones.