Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stevie's Sunflower

Once upon a time while Stevie was in Kindergarten, sometime around the end of April, she along with her fellow classmates made sunflower green houses and planted three sunflower seeds in each one. She excitedly watched them day by day and became even more excited when her sunflowers were the first to poke out their heads to greet their new world. They quickly reached toward the top of her sunflower house and started to escape from the top. She then brought the sunflower house home and the sunflowers even survived the perilous ride home on the bus. The sunflowers then took up residence on the ledge above our kitchen sink. Her mother finally when they reached about 18-20 inches planted them out in the pots on the deck. They steadily continued to grow and finally just within the last week blossomed. Stevie is so thrilled as am I since I have always feared that once the plants reached home that they all died. Well this year I know that at least three survived!!!! We are so happy!!!!! Maybe later we will even get to enjoy the seeds that we see developing as well. If we do we will share that as well. (I just love lifecycles)

On the note of lifecyles-- Can you believe that we STILL have tadpoles that have not turned into frogs. Had we left them in the pool the kids wouldn't have swam at all this summer!!! I am hoping to take them to school when it starts on the 20th an share them with my class, how exciting hum????