Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meatloaf Surprise!!!

Long, long ago when Steven and I were the only members of our family we went and visited Grandma Blake. It was around lunchtime and she asked if we had eaten yet. We innocently said, "No." She then pulled some cold meatloaf out of the fridge and made us cold meatloaf sandwiches. I loved mine. Yummy! Steve was a good sport and choked his down. At a later date I decided to make meatloaf, because what I liked was supposed to be important too, right? Well I made him Scottish meatloaf that had a whole boiled egg in the middle of each small loaf. He said he liked it and seemingly enjoyed it. I have made meatloaf maybe five more times in our sixteen years and everytime he has said, "Why don't you make that one with the egg in it, you know I liked it." Well tonight was the night since Ceci had been asking me all week when I was making meatloaf. She is like me and really likes it. I made 9 individual loaves all with a surprise boiled egg in it. The conversation around the table went as follows: Ceci, "Oh, Mom this has an egg in it. Hum." Baxter cut into his and said, "An egg, wow!" Zane noticed his too. We then had prayer. Noah started to eat his loaf. He then completely stopped, got an amazed look on his face and said, "There is a whole egg in here, and it's not even mixed in or cut up." He looked up at all of us with total surprise. He couldn't understand why we all burst into laughter. We don't know where he was but he obviously missed something. He just kept shaking his head and looking at that egg and we kept on giggling. Steve again seemingly enjoyed his and much to his joy he gets another for lunch tomorrow.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I have been enjoying Christmas break because.....

I have been enjoying my Christmas break because.....
1. I have had time to read.
2. I have had time to make a menu and go shopping for it.
3. I have had time to make meals for my family.
4. My family has been very grateful for the homemade food being placed on the table.
5. I have been able to say "NO" to each of my children as they have asked me if I had homework to do.
6. I have enjoyed Stevie helping me to plant a lily and an amarylis and she has also been helping me cook.
7. I enjoy watching my children and husband enjoy all of the Christmas toys.
8. I have not been thinking about school, well at least not much anyway.
9. I have been filling in my new calendars with all our upcoming important dates.
10. I have spent quality time with my family including G and G and the Stevens.

Bainter Menu

I thought I would post our menu for the two weeks of break and see if anyone ate the same thing or something similar.

Chicken enchiladas (no green chilies)
Sweet-n-sour meatballs
Hawaiian Haystacks
Lemon Linguine (new and they loved it)
Aftons Blue Ribbon Chicken
Cranberry Apricot Pork Roast (new, haven't made it yet)
Puna Style Ribs
Chinese (Homemade sweet-n-sour chicken, wontons, etc.)
Chicken tacos and spanish rice
Porcupine Meatballs (Jackie wouldn't eat these!!!)
Pasta Fagoli Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup

Lunch is not as planned since leftovers occur and sometimes I force my children to eat sandwiches.
Has your menu been close to the same or not? What are some of your family favorites?