Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Tag, I'm It! Can you actually believe that I am going to do this??????

I was tagged by Tina. This is a 4x4 blog meme that reveals some little facts about me! It will be great fun getting to know my blogging buddies better. So check at the bottom and if you're tagged, copy and paste this into your blog and insert your four favs in each of the four subject.

1st - Four places I go:

-Hacienda's of my close relations
-Anywhere the minions ask me to take them

2nd - Four favorite smells:

-walking upstairs and smelling AXE wafting out of the boys bathroom
-getting home from church and smelling dinner from the sidewalk
-sheets fresh of the line
-freshly brushed teeth

3rd - Four favorite TV shows and/or movies

-Amazing Race
-Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
-movies of the kids when they are little

4th - Four recommendations

-Breathe, this too shall pass!
-Would this really matter in 300 years.
-Use positive self talk
-Change your underwear everyday

Gosh, I don't think anyone reads my blog anymore--so if you did--I tag YOU!!!