Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cub camp and other info

Noah had cub camp this week.  He LOVED it!  He especially enjoyed the bb shooting and archery.  Looks like he also enjoyed the cub wash.  Steve was a den walker for two of the days and he dragged Zane along on the first day to be a helper.  Zane did not want to go, but once there changed his mind and then went the second day without any drama.  Stevie also went the second day and spent the day in the tot lot with one of the teachers from my school.  She really enjoyed herself too.  Baxter and Ceci have been at Scout and Girls camp all week.   Steve went to scout camp after he had finished his two days at cub camp.  I was finishing up my class for the summer, if you are wondering what I did with all that alone time.  I wasn't having fun I'll assure you.  I had 20 assignments due in 15 days.  I kid you not.  A three week graduate class is a killer.  The kids thought that the computer was completely attached to my fingers.  Yesterday, I refused to get on the computer or clean house.  My plans changed slightly when Tina called to ask if she, Halley, and Chancy could come out.  I said sure and flew into a tornado of cleaning just so that I wouldn't be too embarassed.  It wasn't too terrible, but I hadn't done much on the house for three weeks due to previously mentioned activities.  It was so nice to see Halley again and Tina and Chancy too of course.  I love it when they come to visit.

The Three Musketeers

My kids are enjoying the pool.  I am enjoying it a lot more too since I changed it over to a salt system.  The pool stays crystal clear and all I had to do was dump 110 pounds of salt into it and start the machine.  (Well actually Steve and Baxter put in the salt and connected and started the machine, but I purchased the stuff!)  The hardest part this year has been to keep destroying the birds nests under the deck so that the birds won't swoop past and poop in the pool.  Yes you read it right--poop in my crystal clear pool.  I have had to go out and scoop poop.  The kids think I am terrible to destroy nests, but I say too bad!!  We also have a resident frog living in the wall of the pool where the metal posts go around the pool at the top.  He is a hold over from when the pool was full of tadpoles or polliwogs whichever you prefer.  Steve wanted to wait to get the pool going until they had all turned into frogs, I said, "No way!"  We compromised and took some of them out and put them into a tub and a pondish thing and then let the rest drain into the grass.  The birds loved them.  I was happy to see them go, Steve wasn't so happy.  But I'll tell you what, it's been almost over a month and those little polliwogs (my preference) are still swimming around in their respective places.  Stevie told me just yesterday that she thought she saw some legs growing, I'll have to go check.  Just think, my kids would have still been waiting to swim.  HUMMMMM I'm sure glad we didn't wait.

Pool pests

Here is the evidence of those rascally polliwogs.  We had left about six inches of water in the pool over the winter so that the pool wouldn't blow away during storms.  Well the storms whipped around so much that Grandpa couldn't keep the cover on and then finally it just split and broke.  By the end of the winter season the pool was almost all the way full again and we had become a rest stop for frogs to lay their eggs.  The whole pool was just swimming with them.  WE HAD TO DO SOMETHING!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our 16th Wedding Anniversary

We got married June 16th, 1992 in the Manti Temple. The only one that objected was Halley who just couldn't understand why we wanted to ruin her birthday! What a beautiful day, even with the light sprinkling rain.
Boy don't we all look young, no pun intended.

Anita, Glen, Steve, Trudy, Cecilia, and Sid at the open house in West Valley City.

Here I am feeding Steve some cake. He sure did enjoy it!!!