Sunday, November 29, 2009

I feel like I have been very blessed over this Thanksgiving Holiday.
Wednesday: Baxter, Ceci, Zane and Noah cleaned their rooms. Stevie tried but didn't get very far. Steve stopped on his way home from work and picked up Mckay our nephew. The kids played and had lots of fun. Steve and I made 2 pumpkin pies, 1 apple pie, and jello dessert and rolls. Steve then made the kids go to bed around 10:30 since they were going the "turkey bowl" football game in the morning. Stevie, Zane, Noah and Mckay giggled and giggled and giggled. I was in bed listening with a smile on my face. It was just so cute!!!
Thursday: I got up early and made the family pancakes. Mom was shocked when I came over around 8am to get the smoked pork to put in the oven. I think she thinks I like to sleep all day!!! I later made stuffing and was ready for Thanksgiving. What a wonderful day! The food was great, painting toenails was fun and felt really good, watching and helping everyone make gingerbread houses was enjoying, and the evening was topped off by singing Christmas carols. Absolutely the best!!!!
Friday: I think I read two books and didn't do much else.
Saturday: Steve and I intervened and cleaned Stevie's room. She wasn't allowed in and we threw lots of junk away. Hopefully, she will never miss it. Ceci talked me into going to the library since she had been blocked from their site for owing $10.00. She even paid the fine herself. She must not want me to include it in her birthday presents this year. (last year I paid a $27 fine for her b-day) I of course returned the three books I had checked out a couple days previous and checked out some more. Read until late-ish. Finally decided that I had better start thinking about school again :( Corrected papers for about 1 1/2 hours.
Sunday: I was a very bad girl and stayed home from church because I had soooooo many papers to correct. I have been correcting them for about 5 hours. I am sick of it!!!!!!

As you can see I was able to relax for most of my break and was also able to recoup from being sick with a sinus infection. I think I'm going to be able to go back to school tomorrow feeling rested and caught up and feeling better. Yeah:)