Sunday, September 23, 2007

You all should be thankful that I had to stay home from church sick today. I have wanted to add to the blog but I have been extremely busy. As soon as we got back from vacation school started for me, the kids a few days later. I also started two masters courses the next week. Between being a mom, a wife, a teacher, a student, and having two church callings I have very little time to just BE. I'm not complaining, it's just the facts. I will add the Utah portion of the vacation soon, hopefully it doesn't take sickness for me to do it. Hope you enjoy!!!

We are all on the plane and ready to take off for our adventure to Oregon and Utah for two weeks. I can tell you that the flights were long, but that our children were on their best behavior. We were very proud of them and still are.

Sydney and Ceci looking over the barrier to see the waterfall that we were hiking to see.

Trudy, Noah, and Stevie sitting back in a crevice on the trail to the waterfall.

A bunch of cousins posing for the camera.

Baxter and Stevie stuffed into a hollow tree trunk.

Finally, we see the lovely waterfall. The journey was so fun, even with the huffing and puffing. I would do it again tommorow. We had a great time with our Oregon family.

On the Beach in Oregon

Zane leaning down to touch a dead long nosed skate at the beach with George and Lora's Family while we were on vacation in Oregon in August.

Noah, Zane, and Stevie


Baxter on the Beach

Steve and Lora

More pictures in Oregon. Stevie on the beach. She is so disappointed that she has grown out of this outfit, since she loved it so.

The famous octopus tree.

I should have blogged these pictures earlier, since I now can't remember the names of these places. I guess my mind is going, going, gone. Anyway, this is a lighthouse that we saw at Cape Meares.

Steve and Stevie walking through a tunnel from one beach to another. Lora had heard about this tunnel and so we kept asking people about it until we finally found it. The wind on the beach was terrible that day and the sand felt like it was blasting us all, but the tunnel was worth it.

The boys, Tayler, Zane, and Baxter standing in the tunnel.

We went to Union, Oregon and saw and talked about many of Steve's memories. Here are pictures of his Grandpa and Grandma's grave markers and a picture of the family with them. The last picture is of Steve and his "Aunt" Edith, who will be turning 101 this year.

Next, we were off to Baker, Oregon. We stopped and saw Uncle Norman and Aunt Nadine. We had a lovely time visiting them in the park. Aunt Nadine fed us pizza, raspberry jello, and other nummies. Uncle Norman played with the kids on the playground and spent time talking with Steve. We loved our time there!

The kids passing time between Oregon and Utah.