Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just because

I just wanted to post this picture because I liked it. Noah is being kinda silly but it isn't often they will sit that close and enjoy it. I love it when they are getting along. It's one of those things that I pray for often. LOOK FURTHER--THERE ARE TWO NEW POST BELOW THIS ONE TOOOOO!

Derby Car Event and Cake Auction

Noah wanted to make an aircraft carrier, but caved in and let me talk him into an easier cake. Boy was I glad and Noah was actually able to make this one virtually by himself. If you can't tell it is a Monster Truck Madness cake. It took to cake mixes-one yellow and one chocolate mixed to make them both marble cake. I shop sales and they only had one chocolate mix left on the shelf--I walked through the whole store looking for an endcap with another but to no avail. So the marble cake just had to happen. We then made my yummy homemade chocolate frosting and covered it with graham cracker crust crumbs. Noah and Stevie really enjoyed breaking up the graham crackers with the rolling pin in a bag, adding the sugar and butter and throwing it on the cake as dirt. Little boys loved the cake. The winners paid $25.00 for it. Cakes weren't going for as much this year, but we were still happy.
This is Noah's sling-shot car. Boy was it ever fasssssttttt.
Stevie's steamboat car. It weighed 8 lbs. Being heavy didn't seem to make it any faster than a regular car. She really enjoyed helping make it, but refused to race it. Stevie made her brothers to that. She was afraid it would hurt someone.
Baxter heading up up the track together.
Zane showing off his braces. Gotta love that smile.

Holy Cow--It's a Slug!

We just had to take a picture of this slug that we found in our yard. There is a story behind it, of course. While Grandpa and the kids were out working on cutting up the trees they came across a small snake hiding in the trees. The snake was pointed out to Stevie and she refused to believe it was a snake. She kept insisting that it was a slug. Everyone out there thought she was a nut!!! Steve later told me that while working on the tree house that they had seen a really big slug and that he could perhaps understand her confusion. Well I still didn't really believe in huge slugs--I'd only seen the Utah variety I guess. So when working outside and running across this critter, we had to take a picture to show off. Stevie was quite happy to prove to us all that slugs can indeed be as big as a little snake. HERE HE COMES!!!
Look at the size of this critter. He was about five inches in length. Quite gross huh!