Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Couldn't sleep

I got up this morning at 4:20am. I couldn't sleep. I went upstairs and did the two day old dishes, they were beginning to stink. I don't understand why when I am so busy that five children can't smell them and take pity and do them. Then I came downstairs and turned on Steve's computer, he left this morning for Jeffersonville, IN and so now I can use his computer whenever I want without comments about me having one, why do I need to use his. Anyway, I went through my normal routine of checking my three emails. Not much there, amazing how much more junk email you can get than junk mail in the mailbox these days. I then checked out the blogs and was happy to see a new posting. I have loved seeing Becky and Mary Jo's holiday pictures and notations. I also checked out a couple friends blogs and got really excited about Shelly's square foot gardening. Steve and I gardened like that the last couple of years that we were gardening in Utah. Loved it. Tina, you and I should talk about it!! I then went and looked to see what my brother-in-law Lincoln has been up to. I must say that I have always appreciated Lincoln's positive spin on life. I need to be more like him! Now I need to go weigh myself to see if I lost any weight yesterday, and take a shower. I was going to exercise, but the blogging won out. Zane and I need to leave by 7:30am because he has Starbase Atlantis camp this week about 45 minutes away. I will then stay down there and work on my "stupid" research paper until 3:oopm when I go pick him up to bring him home. Luckily the paper is due Friday--so it has to be done and gone, yeah!!! Thanks to all those that are making these days possible: Tina, for taking Stevie and Ceci even though she has a foreign exchange student coming. Mom and Dad, for watching Noah and letting me use their printer since I have used up all the ink in mine. Baxter, for going on the bike trip. Steve, for going to Jeffersonville. I feel so blessed--I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Well hopefully you don't mind my rambling, I enjoyed it!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some of my favorite things about Summer

I love walking out onto my front porch and seeing these beautiful hibiscus trees.  I bought them at either a Amish or Menonite nursery earlier this summer.  I was attracted to their braided trunks and big beautiful flowers.  The only one that was bloomed out when I bought it was the pink one.  I bought the others hoping to have three different colors.
Stevie is standing by the red one.  This one doesn't have a braided trunk, but I still liked it.  You can see how big the flowers actually are with Stevie standing there.  I was so excited to see two blossoms at the same time on one plant.
Lovely isn't it?
Finally my favorite!  I was blessed with a bright yellow.  This one really makes me happy.  The touch and orange in the middle is precious.  I don't know how many of you remember that my bedroom was yellow as I was growing up, buttercup yellow.  I loved it.  I am trying to decide which room in my house I can paint yellow?
This is a leaf of my elephant ear hosta.  This baby measures about 16x20.  It is huge.  I love it.  We all love watching this plant grow.  I was so upset when a horrible storm tore off it's biggest leaf.  Within a week this new even bigger leaf replaced it.  The heavens are shining down.  It also helps that Dad has put in a drip system to water most of my plants.  (My dad the life saver--not only for  the plants lives, but for mine as well.)