Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2007 Christmas

Bainter Children Christmas 2007. Showing happy faces because despite the fact that their parents said that they would NEVER EVER purchase a Wii, Santa went ahead and brought them one anyway. Who is that man? Doesn't he listen to what parents want too!!!
The prized Santa gift. Little did they know at that time that there were games under the tree in a package labeled FAMILY. As the package was being opened they noticed that it was a box of eggos. Mom said, "Well I knew that you would be hungry this morning." They the sponges actually believed me!!! HA HA HA Imagine their surprise when it was full of movies and Wii games. Were they ever excited.

Stevie and her doll Callie. Stevie named Callie's horse Hallie. Stevie loves them. Hallie the horse jumps fences and gives Callie rides around the room. Stevie's only complaint is that Hallie keeps hurting her. She has bumped her in the nose and left a mark and has dropped onto her big toe. We have come to an agreement that maybe Stevie should only carry one of them at a time. Stevie is concerned that if Hallie the horse has to give up jumping for awhile that it will hurt her feelings. Stevie also got several easy reader books, a princess, prince and another horse, and some DS games.
Noah and one of his mischievous looks. He is happy to see another fleece. We are happy because he WILL add it to his fleece wardrobe. He tends to like to wear the same one over and over and over. You can see Noah's broken hand in the picture as well. The turkey decided to hit Zane and suffer the consequences. Noah also received Zoo Tycoon Extinct Animals expansion pack, an erector set, and books.
Zane is showing you his My Sims for the Wii. Zane also got a legos building set, books, a Creative MP3 player, and some DS games. Zane was a hoot this Christmas, he tried to see how many loony ways that he could open his presents. He kept us in laughter, that's for sure. His attitude about life has really changed since he has been going to his new school where they challenge him. He says the 1hr. 15 min ride each way is definitely worth it. Now you know why he needed a mp3 player!
Ceci got a digital camera and laptop, hence her blog site. She also got books, a flat iron, and makeup since she just turned 12 on the 21st. We had told her that she would no way get a laptop since we were going to have a smaller Christmas this year. I went on time to a faculty meeting and entered my name into the door prize. At the end of the meeting the principal held up a used laptop and said that it was the door prize. I sent a small prayer heavenward and low and behold my name was drawn, hence Ceci got a FREE laptop for Christmas. When Ceci opened the box, she started to cry, happy tears of course.
Baxter is showing off his new hoodie. Baxter also received books, Microsoft Flight Simulator, John Deere American Farmer (although why he wanted it we don't know), and a hydrogen fuel cell car. Baxter's one disappointment was that his pj's said that he was nice instead of naughty, poor boy. I am rather glad that he is nice.

Grandpa bowling on the Wii. Sorry to say, Grandma beat him both times. He may have won the second game if Noah hadn't scooted a little too close to Grandpa's swinging arm. Grandpa gave him a smack on the nose and lost all concentration. It was the last frame and sadly he lost again. It was sure fun to see him and Grandma having so much fun!!
Grandma really got into bowling. She would jump up when she got a strike. Her face was full of life and expression. She was having a blast. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they had come over during the day while we are all gone to bowl. We would be happy to hear it!

Steve and the boys working on the U.S. Capital 3-D puzzle that Grandpa and Grandma gave us.
Baxter's hydrogen fueled car. He took it over and showed Grandpa this evening. He said that Grandpa loved it and that he just chuckled and chuckled.
Zane and Stevie enjoying some boxing on the Wii.
More enjoyment!!
Callie and Hallie getting a much deserved nap after two days of intense STEVIE!