Saturday, November 29, 2008

Maybe I'll be a Hair Dresser?

Mom and Ceci asked me to dye their hair today. This is the before picture. Mom needed hers done since she had about an inch of regrowth. Ceci told me that she was tired of her highlights and wanted to go back to natural. So the process began.
It was Ceci's turn first. She was a little bit trepidicious. She also complained constantly about it itching. I'm not sure that she will want to try that again!
Next was mom. This is old hat for her. She loves "red".
Ceci sitting aside scratching her head with a comb.
This is the after picture. They both look great!!!! Do you think I should hang up my teaching shoes and put on beautician shoes?

Dad and Tina practicing, "The Holy City"

I'm so sorry that it is sideways, just crank your head so that you can see it better. I forgot that I haven't figured out how to turn a video yet. HUM do any of you know? I also started videoing part way through so only part of the song is here. I was also the page turner so that caused even more technical difficulties. You'll have to imagine the rest:)

"Happy" Thanksgiving

Noah is "happy" that he made a gingerbread house.
Zane is "happy" that he has a mom like me.
Justin and Chancy are really "happy" to get such a fine dinner.
Baxter and McKay are "happy" that McKay can eat with his left hand.
Stevie is "happy" that Ceci curled her hair and Ceci is "happy" that Stevie let her.
Dad and Mom sat on different sides of the table so here they are above and below.
Don't they look "happy"?
Tina and Lincoln looking "happy" too.
Steve and I look "happy" too!

I think we all enjoyed a lovely day. I didn't hear any raised voices. Everyone was helping everyone else. It was definitely a "love"ly day.

Oh those boys!!!

Oh the things I have to endure around here. Just take a gander at what my brothers are up to now.
Zane just loves squishing orange jello through his teeth while eating turkey.
Noah ate so much stuffing that it started to fall out. We tried to tell him he was stuffed, but he wouldn't listen.
I think maybe we'd better stop making orange jello and mashed potatoes. Maybe Baxter was just hiding his braces.
McKay is wondering if his mother would kill him if he tried it. HUM?????

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My Surprise Party