Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break doth Sprung

Well, spring break came and is once again on it's way out. What did the Bainter's accomplish?

  • Calvert Cliffs- We enjoyed this outing with G and G Young and my sister Tina and her three boys. We enjoyed the four miles round trip to the beach. I thought it was great that I was able to walk in large groups with family, small groups and even by myself. At times I got a little worried and wondered where on the path some of my children were--I then reassured myself that the path only came out at the beach and that all was fine. (0nly one quick cell phone call at one point) We saw turtles, snakes, a heron, a goose, frogs and lots of flora.
  • Lawn mowed- I was worried that maybe this would be the year that the lawnmower wouldn't start, luckily I was wrong! Unluckily for Baxter since his allergies were really bad for a couple of days after. That icky, icky pollen is really thick right now. Wish I'd taken a picture of Baxter's red, red, nose and eyes for this one.
  • Basketball- Got the kids a new basketball standard. Couldn't pass up the deal in the Target add since they had been asking for a taller one. (now the new shorts and tees will have to wait) Steve and the boys stayed out past dark and put it together. The old one is still out there and looks very short compared with the new ten footer. We decided we better leave the shorter one for Stevie, but even she can hurl the smaller ball up there for a basket. The kids played lots of b-ball!
  • Flowers- I decided since I had a house full of kids and a husband held captive that it would be the perfect time to shop for and plant flowers. Steve and Stevie and I did the shopping. We went to Buckler's and Green Acres. I don't know why but I love to go to the Amish and Menononite nurseries so much more. Can't say the prices are much better, but who knows.... It was suppose to be a family project once we got home. WELLLLLLL, I think we finally got there. I know that Steve and I planted a lot. Ceci and Zane planted a lot. Stevie, I think planted one and it was the one the lady let her pick out for free. Noah was gone and Baxter was super grumpy. We planted dahlias, pansies, more hostas and z-something. I also got hanging baskets for the porch. Dad was then a sweetie and hooked the drip system back up. (Baxter did help with that a little)
  • Sickness- Zane got sick Wednesday-Friday. Noah got sick Friday-still. Steve got sick and still is. All have been suffering from fevers, throwing up and the ickies. I hate having a break and ending up with sickness. It is not fair!!

    • Movies and Reading- We have watched several movies. I have read several books. Three for school: Mockingbird about a girl with aspergers syndrome. The Romeo and Juliet Code is about a girl in pre-WWII that I loved. Caddie Woodlawn is an oldie but a goody about a pioneer-ish girl. The one school one I didn't get to was The Bat Boy. I'll have to read that along with the kids.... I read for my own personal pleasure too. My favorite was The Lace Makers of Glenmara.
    • Chickens- One of my friends gave us a chicken coop that would fit about four chickens. Steve has wanted chickens ever since I met him. He finally got his wish. He, Noah and Stevie went to the Amish market and bought a family of chickens. They brought home a mommy and ten chicks. He keeps telling the kids that several of them are probably roosters so we'll be having fresh chicken soon. They aren't too hip on the idea. I keep wondering what he'll do if they are all hens. Guess he'll have to build on.... Stevie named one of the chicks, cookie. Ceci named two, hippo one and hippo two. Steve named one teriyaki. That's just the sort of dad he is!!!
    • Easter- Even with sickness abounding I made ham, mustard sauce, rolls, fingerlings potatoes, and other veggies. I made the rolls because Noah loves them and I was trying to tempt him to eat something. He finally ate one during the evening. I was afraid that he would throw up again but he held it down. I believe it is the only thing he has eaten in three days. I am actually going to call the doctor today--the boy has been completely out of his head. Well the doctor said he had strep throat. Noah's spring break will go on for another day or two.

    All in all, most of us have had a relaxing, enjoyable break and look forward to next year's.