Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lazy Days

I'm sitting here in my bed, in my pj's and it's 9am. I have had one of the laziest spring breaks ever. I think I have read six or seven books. The book I enjoyed the most was called, "Saving Cece Honeycutt." It was a story of a 12 year old girl who had grown up to this point with a mother that was mentally somewhere else and a father that was almost never present. Her mother dies and her great aunt swoops in and takes her to Savannah, Georgia where she is "saved" by five or six courageous, eclectic women. I really enjoyed it.
I also watched my children stay up late and sleep in late each day. They are hooked on CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and Biggest Loser. They have been keeping the dvr busy recording and watching shows. They youngers have also been playing outside a lot and playing with the dog. Stevie sure does love Bubbles--dogs sure can be a girls best friend.
Baxter made me proud by going out and tilling up the garden spot. Steve is gone with work and so Bax has been wearing around his shoes.
I have also against my better judgement for my weight loss plan made cookies a few times. The kids were sure happy, but I just can't stay away from cookies so I'll have to work extra hard now to lose those extra pounds. While I was making the sugar cookies, I had just rolled out the first batch to go in the oven. Baxter walked in from tilling and told me to wait. He washed his hands and took OVER. He rolled out the rest and kept the pans full for me to cook them. He was so excited!!! Noah then walked in while I was making the frosting, he took OVER. He told me that he would be happy to make it, so he did. I then sat down to start frosting them and low and behold Baxter, Noah, Ceci, and Stevie showed up to help frost and apply sprinkles. I started a long project and it was made short by many hands and smiles all around. Zane did come in and eat the first cookie much to everyone chagrin.
Now that I don't have anymore books to read, I guess I'll have to do some work around here and catch up on some grading for school. I sure have enjoyed my lazy time though and I know my kiddies have too.