Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baxter's Graduation

Baxter is being recognized in this picture for being in the top 5% of the class of 2011. I don't say his class because he felt like he was a bit of a transplant since he graduated a year early. I think he would agree with me that most of his friends are still Juniors. Despite this obstacle Baxter had a great Senior year and we are very proud of him.
Baxter in line waiting patiently to get his diploma. He was lucky being a B for Bainter, the Z for ______ had to wait three hundred and some odd students before he got his.
Walking back out!
Finally, he's done it! Now with little time to spare he is getting ready to leave for BYU, Provo on Monday the 13th for summer semester. He decided that if he was already robbing me of a year that he may as well rub salt in the would and leave even earlier. (His momma has been a basket case, even cried in front of my fifth grade students the other day when I was explaining to them why I wouldn't be at field day)

The proud Gramps and Grandma.
The even PROUDER mom and dad. Congratulations Son! We couldn't be happier with the decisions that he hasmade and the time that he spent on his knees pleading in prayer. That, in fact, is the only reason that I can let my sixteen year old travel clear across the country to Utah to go to school. I just pray that the Lord will keep him in the cradle of his hand while we are apart!Go BYU!!!!!