Monday, May 18, 2009

Things I hate about May

May is not my favorite month. Yes, the countdown for the end of school starts but so does the countdown for many other things as well.
At School
1. Dibles testing on all of the children.
2. MMSR's (Maryland Model of School Readiness, we get money. Do I ever see any of it???) on all of the children (online, by hand, and on a spreadsheet)
3. Classroom supply order for next year when you aren't even sure if you'll be teaching the same grade. I get a big whopping $250 for the entire year.
4. Grades.
5. Comments on said grades all to be positive and feel goodish.
6. PTD (Primary Talent Development) folders for each child.
7. Fill out cumulative folders on each child.
8. Stay after school M, T, and Friday for the next two weeks until I am done.
9. This is only May, still have to take down my room and clean it in June. Yuck!

For Masters
1. Start next class on Wed. This is the one that will be every night for three weeks in June.
2. Write 12-15 pages on my research paper.
3. research some more
4. read tons
5. Stay after school and work weekends on it all until I am done.


We will all be happy if I retain my sanity and my hair and my jolly good attitude.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Okay, so you all put me to shame every blasted week as you post and post and post.  I read them, I laugh, I cry.  What I am basically saying is that they keep me going.  I can't get up in the morning or go to bed in the evening without checking to see if someone else has posted.  I LOVE it!!!  I feel bad for not posting and wait until some event happens in our lives that prods me into it.  Steve has always told me that I don't like to make decisions or state my opinions and so I have used that as an excuse to not post.  Well let me tell you he's right!!!  I don't like to make decisions about where we are going to go or when we will leave.  I don't!  I also kinda of  don't like to state my opinion because I just hate contention.  So I guess I need to get over it and untie my hands and let er rip.  I'm not sure I can do it, but I'll try.