Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trudy's ramblings on a weird Saturday

I sit here amongst a crew of people that are driving me nuts. All of the boys are disappointed by the storm. They went out yesterday and tied stuff down and made sure that other stuff wouldn't fly away. (We have had problems with the trampoline before) They have been gazing out the windows and watching the forecasts on the TV and computers all day. They have been moping!!! Zane and Noah have gone out and got soaked three times. Stevie even ventured out once, she's been dying to use an umbrella. They wanted to stand in the eye of the storm and see how it would feel. Did they actually think that if it was really bad outside that their mother would let them go out there. I thought that it was funny that it took a downpour for them to go outside and play basketball since that basket hasn't seen any action all summer. Now I sit here in my bedroom with the door shut trying to avoid the noise of the BYU football game in the other room. I personally couldn't get emotionally attached to a football game even if someone offered me 10 new free books! I am glad that the game has seemed to take a turn for the better because the noise has lessoned somewhat. What a relief!!! My TV is turned to PollyAnna, Hallmark channel which is more my speed. Stevie is also roaming the computer chair with me combing my hair and cleaning out my ears. Am I a lucky ducky or what? I actually do enjoy being pampered and my six year old loves to pamper so I guess I am as close to heaven as I'll get during a BYU game. Hope you are all having a great day!!